"Brisa do Mar"

12m. Chris Craft
Volvo Penta Turbo
2 x 200HP
Colour Echo
Furuno Fishfinder
Fighting Chair
Fly Bridge

Penn International
Daiwa, Everol
Shimano 50,
80 & 130

Top Gun, Daiwa
Harris stand up
Poseidon, Sigma
The history of Big Game Fishing in Madeira

In 1976 the local government invited José Pinto Braz to Madeira to initiate Big Game Fishing in the island's waters. He brought with him a vast amount of experience from Sesimbra in Portugal where he was responsible for establishing this area as one of the top game fishing centres of the world, most famously for Swordfish records. This was the beginning of Turipesca.

His passion for sport fishing led him to many countries in Europe during the fifties and sixties, where, by giving presentations, he became largely responsible for Sesimbra becoming an important tourist destination.

To this day he is homaged by an annual tournament in Sesimbra known as the José Pinto Braz Swordfish Tournament. This incredible event attracts interest from all over the world as it is a true battle between 'man' and 'fish' due to the fact that only rowing boats are permitted to be used.

Madeira, thanks to José Pinto Braz has also now become known worldwide as one of the hottest big game fishing areas with Atlantic Blue Marlin of 1,000 lbs not being uncommon.

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marquage et le relacher. (facultatif)

Dèpart at 09h30
from our office at:-

Marina do Funchal
Madeira, Portugal
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Fishing in Madeira with the legendary organisation of José and Geny Braz

Looking for a lifetime fishing experience?

Pourquoi ne pas profiter de vos vacances à Madère pour tenter d'y ètablir un record de PÊCHE AU GROS? . . . Nous mettons à votre disposition une organisation de 35 ans d'expérience, une flotte de 2 bateaux parfaitement équipés pour la pêche au gros et conduite par des équipages compétents. À la traine ou à la derive, pendant 4 ou 7 heures, vous pourrez appréciar la qualité des eaux madériennes.

Maximum 4 / 5 pêcheurs par bateau.

Observers - one guest per angler
Big Eye Tuna •
May/June until September
Blue Fin Tuna • May/June until October
Blue Marlin •
Yellow Fin Tuna •
Long Fin (Albacore) • November/December
Swordfish •
March/April (during the day) - August/September (during the night)

From April until October • Blue Shark, Hammerhead, Mako, Barracuda, Bonito, Dolphin & Wahoo
Our skipper Humberto has been with us since the beginning. Not only is he our skipper but he can also be found in our marina booking office taking great care of our clients. Humberto was one of the first big game fishing skippers in Madeira to promote the 'TAG & RELEASE' method to help protect game fish stocks. With his crewman Ferdinando (also with us for a long time), Humberto looks forward to welcoming you to the big game fishing grounds of Madeira.

If you would like more information about the excellent fishing to be found in Madeira or would like to make a reservation request for details of our prices, please use our Contact Form, send us an Email, or simply telephone or fax us on (00351) 291 231063 / 291 766020